Sun City Ad Campaign 3: No 3 of 4; Sun City Scooters (formerly NOS Scooters) is a Vespa-authorized sales and service shop servicing the Miami metropolitan area. On top of vintage restorations, they also sell modern 4 stroke Vespa scooters.

uDoc was commissioned to create three different ad campaigns, used in online and print advertising. The owner of the shop collects vintage scooter advertising and wanted to capture the style of those ads while bringing them into the present day.

This set was dubbed 'stripes', and was the most racing inspired design, arguably the set most influenced by the 21st century as only this set isn't specifically inspired by the 60's ads in any way. Like all the sets, Taglines were discussed but this set had more emphasis on copy and style, getting a general idea of fluid motion across in the layout. Sun City's logo is colored black, yellow, and white, so those colors were used specifically with the design to associate the business though color psychology. Bus Ads were printed up along with flyers as 4x6's and 11x17's.


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